Shop all trends for less!

Isn’t it that in spring our desire to shop increases together with the temperature degrees? That we cannot walk calmly without window-shopping the gorgeous pastels and the lightweight sandals? It’s like the whole fashion world suddenly changes, the new wind blows in, and the inspiration to renew the closet reaches its peak.
I got feedback from some of you that what I share is usually high-fashion and it would be lovely to see some more affordable pieces in the Shopping category. So this time I decided to spend some time looking for gems and publish a "Fashion for less than 100€" shopping list!

Pearl hair clips

If I would get a dollar for each time I see a pearl pin on Instagram… Seriously! Pearl hairpins and barrettes are like everywhere! Although I must say I saw it only once on the street. Seems like maybe everyone is braver to wear then in the digital world, . But who cares, admit – you also was craving for a pearl barrette!

Iconic summer sandals

When I saw this photo, I thought I’m gonna die. The desire to shop strappy sandals increased my blood rate! Then I found these ultra gorgeous sandals and guess what…they were sold out. My dream chase still continues and here are few trendy sandals I have found!
*Update: The so wanted sandals are back in stock!

Puffy sleeves

You might have already noticed my admiration for puff sleeves from my last shopping list. This is probably one of my favorite trends! , puffy sleeves, off-shoulder blouses – I want them all!

Small bags

I remember the days when I was carrying a huge tote that could fit my entire life in. Those days are over. Trendy bags are so small you cannot even fit your wallet or iPhone Xs Max inside! But aren’t they just cute? P.S. can you imagine this Dior is also less than 100 euros!?