Fun in the Sun and Sand

If there are key factors that contribute to a wonderful summer getaway it will be the sun and sand. Doesn’t have to be a blazing sun and a powdery white sand as long as it’s a moderate temp with fine sand to frolic around it would be a happy place for me. As we’re heading towards the cold season, we visited a Sydney beach for one last time before the wind chills prohibit us.
A summer is not summer without our family having a picnic on the beach. This time it was not a perfectly warm day, it was a bit rainy but that didn’t deter us from going. The good thing when it’s raining is there’s a lot of tables available to set-up for lunch and have a bbq.
We went to Maroubra beach which has a long stretch of sand with plenty of parking. We came here last year too and I spotted this Lifeguard hut but didn’t have a chance to take photos in it. So I’ve been dreaming to snap pics here for over a year and luckily the beach was deserted this time and the hut was empty. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever?
Because wearing a mesh clothing is kind of edgy I pulled this mesh shirt from my forgotten pile of summer outfits and paired it with a denim shorts. This matching watermelon hat and bag always signify summer, the red, pink and green just give off candy coloured moments. And I chose Speedo for my swimwear, I just love this brand as it has classic prints and designs. I bought this set years ago and it never gets old.
As for our picnic food, I actually baked my popular chunky choc chip cookies. I say popular because my family members expect these to appear every time we have a picnic. I made a fruit salad too, can you believe these red figs, pomegranate and passion fruit came from our garden?
Do you have a favourite thing to do every summer? When the sun comes your way, go and chase it and have loads of fun in the sand.
Mesh shirt similarDenim
Shorts from H&M
Swimwear from Speedo